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How do I get to Volos and the base?

Welcome to Volos, with 3 different ways:

  • By plane: Landing at VOL Airport could be an option for our guests across Europe. 6 European cities are directly connected with Volos from May to October. Take a look at the page Sailing Region and click on the icon of the airport for the flights to be displayed or send us a message to get informed.
  • By Bus: Volos is connected with Athens, Thessaloniki and Larissa. You can look up itineraries at the webpage of KTEL Volou, which is the local bus owner company (
  • By car: Located just near the National Road (E75), Volos can be easily reached from exit ”Volos-Velestino Exit”

Welcome to our base, with 3 different ways:

  • Book an Airport transfer with NOSTALGIA Sailing, if you have landed at the airport of Volos (VOL) or the airport of Thessaloniki (SKG). Our driver will wait you at the arrivals area of the airport to pick you up and you will get transferred directly at our yacht, where our base manager will await you for the check-in!
  • By taxi
  • By the local bus from VOL Airport, which tranfers you to KTEL Magnisias. From there it is a 25 minutes walking distance up to the base.
How can I learn about the current Covid-19 measures in Greece?

During the last 2 years, a variety of restricted measures and protocols have been imposed across Europe, due to the pandemic. Our Reservations manager will thoroughly inform you about the current measures at the time of your booking, while he will come in contact with you at once, in case that any changes in these measures occur until your embarkation date.

What qualification do I need to charter a yacht?

For bareboat charters in Greece, you must hold a qualified skipper licence. The licence should be issued from a recognised body and with a valid expiration date. A co-skipper is also required for bareboat charters. The co-skipper should either be a license holder or sign a declaration form that he is of adequate sailing experience to a skipper.

In case you’re not a license holder or you feel short of experience, you can always request for a skippered charter, so that you enjoy uninterruptedly your sailing holidays.

What are Obligatory Extras?

Obligatory Extras include an outboard engine and the Security Deposit. Both extras are paid at our base by cash or card.

You will find an outboard engine equipped in our yacht (Hidea, 2,5 HP, 4-stroke, 72cc) to offer you more comfort when using your Dinghy.

Security Deposit is a refundable deposit, paid by the charterer after the completion of check-in process. Upon your return to our base and the completion of check-out, in case of no  damages, the amount is refunded to your bank account in case you paid by card, or by cash.

In the case of a damage or equipment loss happened during your charter, the value for the necessary repair or the lost equipment will be withheld from the Security Deposit.

Are there any age restrictions for chartering a yacht?

Definitely not!

Sailing is a way of life and we are the first to encourage everyone to participate, from 1-month-old to…. 100+ year old!


For how long can I charter a yacht?

Yachts are chartered in a weekly basis, according to our company policy. The minimum charter duration cannot be less than 1 week. The maximum duration should not exceed the limit of 4 weeks.

Upon your availability in dates and your preferences in locations you wish to visit, our reservation manager will be glad to recommend you the optimal charter duration for your charter and suggest some interesting itineraries.

In case that you would like to charter a yacht for a period of week + days, this can be easily arranged, however, the charter will be still charged in a weekly basis. For example, if one charters for 10 days, he/she will be charged as 2 weeks. Or if it’s a 18-days-charter, it will be charged as a 3-weeks-charter. Of course, the adequate discounts for 2 or 3 weeks charters are applicable in all cases.

When chartering for a period of week(s) + days, our base manager will await for the day and time of your convenience at our base to help you with mooring and the check-out procedure.

Do I have assistance during my charter?

Of course!

Staying in contact with all our guests during their charter period is a matter of highest importance for our company. You will be provided with contact numbers of our base manager(s) who will be glad to assist you 24/7 for any issue that might rises during your charter. QR codes stickers with these contacts can be found also inside our boat, so you can call these numbers at once if your phone device supports QR scanning.




During the check-in procedure, our Base Manager will help you feel familiar with our yacht, answer all your questions and run through our Inventory List, in order for you to get acquainted with all equipment and their position. It is recommended that only the Skipper and the co-skipper participate in this process. Check in usually lasts from 40 minutes to 1 hr, depending on the charterer’s sailing experience or prior experience with the yacht model.

All check ins are completed every Saturday from our base managers between 13:00 – 17:00 Early check-in (before 13:00) can be agreed in prior between the charterer and the base manager, upon the base availability.

Late check-in is also offered as an option if you arrive later than 17:00 in the city of Volos, with an extra fee of 50€. Late check ins can be conducted until 21:00, where you get the yacht keys and you can accommodate in the yacht for the night. In this case, the proper check-in will be conducted in Sunday morning at 08:30am and after that you will be ready to set sail!



At Friday morning before your charter ends, our base manager will call the Skipper on the phone to arrange about your arrival time in Volos and assist you with mooring. Yachts should have returned to our base by 20:00 in the evening. Check-out is conducted every Saturday at 08:30-09:00.

In case of an early return flight that you might need to check-out earlier, it can be easily arranged with our base managers.


Bank Account Details

The bank details below should be used for every booking with NOSTALGIA Sailing.

Bank                      : ALPHA BANK

Holder’s Name : Chalatsis NEPA

IBAN                       : GR8401403000300002002040319


For every payment, it is always necessary to fill in the comments the charterer’s full name and your booking confirmation code.


Payment Policy 

For every charter booked with our company,

  • 40% of the total freight should be deposited to NOSTALGIA Sailing’s Bank account within 7 days from booking confirmation, as advance payment
  • 60% of the total freight should be deposited to NOSTALGIA Sailing’s Bank account the latest 30 days prior to embarkation date, as down payment.

All Extras, Obligatory Extras and the Security Deposit are paid at the base, at the departure day, following the completion of check-in process. Cash or Debit/Credit card are accepted for the payment of Extras and Obligatory Extras


Cancellation Policy

In case the charterer cancels the booking, advance payment or down payment are non-refundable amounts.

In case the charterer cancels the booking due to a last-minute flight cancellation, the total freight is saved from the company for the charterer’s new dates. The charterer is encouraged to proceed to a new booking within the next 365 days of the cancellation date. This case is different from missing a flight, where no amount is saved nor refunded.

The company has the right to cancel a booking if the charterer does not meet with the payment due dates, as stated in Payment Policy. No refund is allowed in this case.

In general, the company has the right to cancel a booking, if for any reason the charterer shows negligence or incompliance with the Greek legislation or the company’s terms and policies. (invalid license for a bareboat charter, invalid passport, charter for racing, charter with purpose to exit the national borders). In this case no refund is possible for the charterer.

At last, the company has the right to cancel a booking in the extreme case where a serious damage has occurred in the yacht and no other yacht is available to be offered to the charterer. In this case, the company offers hotel accommodation in Volos until the yacht is ready to be chartered and refunds the adequate part of the freight to the charterer. If the yacht is not ready within 2 days from Saturday, 100% of the total freight is refunded and hotel accommodation is offered for the entire period.


Our Reservation manager will be happy to receive your requests and bookings in 5 possible ways:

  • Contacting us through our website (request an offer)
  • Sending your request at our mailbox
  • Calling at the company’s phone number
  • Using the official social media chat of our company
  • Meeting in person at yachting expos

The company is obliged to provide the boat in the best condition for chartering and the charterer has the right to extend the check-in duration in case he needs more time to check all details. Upon the check-in completion, the charterer agrees by signing about the good condition of the boat and any comments should be noted in the last page of the Inventory List brochure and signed by the charterer (or the skipper) and the base manager.

The charterer agrees that any damages occurred or any equipment loss during their sailing holidays will be withheld from the security deposit.

On the embarkation date, in case of a serious damage from the previous charterer that renders the yacht inappropriate or unsafe for chartering , the company will provide alternative options to the charterer for another yacht. The alternative yacht has to be of the same category (e.g.monohull for a monohull / catamaran for a catamaran) and contain the same number of cabins/heads with the initially booked yacht. Manufacturer brand or age of model is not a restrictive factor for the alternative yacht. If there is difference in the price of the alternative yacht, this difference is covered by the company. In case of more than one alternative options for yachts, the charterer will select the one to charter. The charterer has no right to reject the offer of an alternative yacht if the criteria above are met, in different case, the company has the right to cancel the booking without any refunding obligations.

It is strictly prohibited the participation of the boat in any illegal activity, e.g. use of the boat for transferring weapons or drugs. It is severely prohibited the participation or use of the boat for transferring people who seek a way in or out of the greek borders.

NOSTALGIA Sailing reserves the right to revise the Chartering Terms or the Payment & Cancellation Policy, without a prior notification. Any revised or added terms and policies apply from the date of the publication. For this reason, users are encouraged to regularly check upon the current page before a new booking.


3rd Party Liability:

NOSTALGIA Sailing has all the boats covered with 3rd party liability insurance, in line with the regulations for the charter companies in Greece. The insurance covers damages or equipment losses of 2.000 euros and above. For this reason, the Security Deposit is required and set to the amount of 2.000 euros. In case of  damages or losses exceeding the Security Deposit, the charterer’s liability is limited to the security deposit amount, unless the incident has been occurred due to charterer’s severe lack of sailing skills or great negligence. Additionally, the charterer’s liability is not limited to the Security Deposit in the case that the incident was caused intentionally.


Charter Insurance:

NOSTALGIA Sailing does NOT offer the option for a damage waiver or a security deposit insurance. We advice charterers who wish to purchase an insurance for their sailing holidays’ charter or a security deposit insurance, to contact with their insurance broker.



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