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  • NOSTALGIA Sailing and its licensors own the intellectual property and visual or audio content content on the website. NOSTALGIA Sailing is the sole owner of the displayed logo on the website, with all rights are reserved. Using or republishing the content and the logo for any purpose, requires consent from our company. In case of no compliance with this term constitutes copyright theft and the dispute will be resolved at the court of the city of Larissa-GREECE.
  • You are responsible to keep a polite language during your communications with the administrators of this webpage, as well as with other users of the website. Offensive language, insulting characterisations or racist comments give the right to the administrators of nostalgiasailing.com to delete them.
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  • You are not allowed to redistribute content of this website, except for the cases where the content has been provided from the administrations of the webpage for this purpose.
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  • Edit or modify in any way the content of this website is now allowed.
  • In every case that one is indented to use /reproduce any part of the NOSTALGIA Sailing’s content is encouraged to contact the administrators and declare the purpose of the use and the websites (or brochures, books etc) where the content will be added. Upon the administrators confirmation, and only then, one can proceed to using material of NOSTALGIA Sailing.
  • Users should use this website in a way that does not cause any damage to it and does not harm other users or the administrators of nostalgiasailing.com Users are not allowed to make use of this website with the purpose to store and distribute codes connecting with malwares, viruses and malicious softwares.
  • NOSTALGIA Sailing reserves the right to keep certain areas of this website as restricted or allow access to certain users to different areas of the website.
  • NOSTALGIA Sailing reserves the right to delete a subscription, username and password, in case that a user fails to comply with the terms above.
  • Users grant NOSTALGIA Sailing to use their content that share through the webpage nostalgiasailing.com and the official social media associated with the company.

NOSTALGIA Sailing reserves the right to revise the above terms of use, without a prior notification. Any revised or added terms of use apply from the date of the publication. For this reason, users are encourages to regularly check upon the current page.



Administrators of NOSTALGIA Sailing make always their best to provide a flawless operation of this website and a variety of information. However, NOSTALGIA Sailing does not warrant that the website will be 24/7 available and we is not responsible for the accuracy of the information provided. Furthemore, the material of this website does not constitute any advice of any kind or any call to action and the sole responsible for any kind of actions taken is the user. NOSTALGIA Sailing is not responsible for any malfunction or inaccuracy or misbehavior of 3rd parties entities, their services or their people, provided or suggested through this website. At last, this website contains external links to various websites. www.nostalgiasailing.com is no responsible for the terms of use of these websites, as they are not controlled by the administrators of NOSTALGIA Sailing. Users agree that will use external links at their own risk.



NOSTALGIA Sailing is a legal entity, registered with DOY Larissas under the VAT number: EL996776626 The full name of the legal entity is Chalatsis N.E.P.A. (ΧΑΛΑΤΣΗΣ Ν.Ε.Π.Α.), registered in Greece, city of Larissa, under the address 1 K.Kerkyras street, 41221, Larissa, Greece, with the discrete title: NOSTALGIA Sailing. The company is a MCPY company registered with the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Insular Policy of Greece, under the number: 3444/23-04-2021

Users can contact the company at the e-mail: info@nostalgiasailing.com and stelios.io@nostalgiasailing.com or at the mobile number (+30) 6945 149703 or via the contact form of the website www.nostalgiasailing.com

Users are prevented from communicating with the company at any different contact details from the above, as there is a high possibility of fraud. Users are encouraged to inform the company about such incidents.


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